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SYLL Connected Healthcare

Avatar-based Physical Therapy

We develop health & fitness programs that identify opportunities to become more efficient and more focused on your progress.

User’s health risk assessment input identifies the user’s optimal heart rate range for exercising & eliminates any exercises that the user should avoid because of physical limitations. The rate of exercise is controlled by the user’s biometric feedback via a wireless monitor. SYLL™ verbally instructs the user to stay in the “zone” (optimal H.R.), speed up (H.R. too low), or slow down (H.R. too high) and automatically adjusts the speed of the workout based on the user’s real time medical telemetry.

SYLL™ is used online or downloaded onto a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It does not require any special hardware and seamlessly works with any off-the-shelf HR monitor. When using a HR monitor, fitness data will be stored on BDR’s secure server to enable trainers. coaches, physical therapists, surgeons, or patients to review previous fitness sessions and progress.

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