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 AI-Powered Human Performance Platform

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The App

Reinventing Wellbeing


SYLL™ is a patented human performance training platform that imports participants’ health and wellness data from medical records, wellness assessments, wearable devices, and other external sources and uses it to create personalized functional fitness or therapy programs tailored to participants’ specific improvement needs.


Experience peak performance with SYLL's
AI-driven app!

Reducing Barriers

Introducing SYLL: Unleash Your Potential with AI-Driven Performance!


Experience immersive virtual coaching powered by AI.


Personalized workouts with dynamic assessment tools and a vast exercise library.


Track your progress in real-time on your mobile and web devices.


Unlock your true potential with SYll's cutting-edge technology!

Capturing Relevant Data

By integrating with 3rd party devices, SYLL provides comprehensive health data reporting, empowering users and trainers with a complete health profile and lifestyle map.

Our integration and data capture focus is modular, allowing for future growth and dynamic changes in evaluations while targeting specific assessment metrics.

Forward Thinking Technology

SYLL, with its 12 patents and 260 claims, can seamlessly incorporate emerging cutting-edge technologies.

Our platform integrates various devices, ranging from heart rate monitors to full-body motion sensors, as well as mobile phones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. By combining data, AI, and Avatar Training, SYLL empowers and supports healthy lifestyles.

Multi-Tenant User Management

Our multi-tenant design patterns ensure a seamless user experience across various markets and verticals.

Each company or tenant gets its own SCHEMA database, offering isolated access with personalized credentials.

How the App Works



The platform uses its AI engine to synthesize the various data streams it receives and establish fundamental physiological and performance baselines for each participant. The SYLL avatar then leverages the platform’s AI-synthesized data and transforms it into real-time movement guidance for participants or teams of participants.



Cloud Based

The avatar’s functionality consists of four fundamental process steps: (1) reception of the participant’s physiological and movement information during a fitness or therapy routine; (2) analysis of the routine’s performance information against the participant’s baseline physiological and movement information to determine degrees of variance; (3) determination of the avatar’s responses to the participant’s variances; and (4) initiation of the avatar’s movements in the participant’s display.

About Us

Our Story

One Solution,

Multiple Integrations,

Device Agnostic

SYLL™’s vision is to become the global lifestyle-management platform and APP that transforms the way people receive plans of care by offering a unique, customizable, avatar driven gamified approach to wellness, therapy, and disease management.

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